Live In The Living Room's Coronapolooza!

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This Coronapocalypse sure does suck doesn't it? Never fear as Live In The Living Room is going to be putting on a virtual writers round music festival bringing together both the UK snd US arms of the show. Expect two days of acoustic awesomeness from amazing UK and US acts. The event will be broadcast simultaneously on the Facebook page and the YouTube channel. Make sure you stop by and see something cool. The lineup and running order is as follows (lineup and running order subject to change);


1-2 Ethan Allen, Georgia Baker, Becky Lawrence, Owen Davies 2-3 Christian Smith, Kelsey Bovey, Bob Fitzgerald, Kira Mac 3-4 Jonny Gray, Biddy Ronelle, Mal MacWatt, Roisin O’Hagan 4-5 Scott Nicholls, Shannon Hynes, Joe DiSilvestro, TK Brown 5-6 Scott Ashworth, Graeme Campbell, Christopher DeLisle, Ronny Criss 6-7 Andrew Jones, Alex Beharrell, Jeremy Young, Ty Bob Dillon 7-8 Tennessee Twin, Sandy McLelland, Calamity Janes, Brandon Smith 8-9 Simon James, Sam Coe, Clete Bradley, Brandon Steadman


1-2 Motel Sundown, Tommy Taylor, Adriana Spina, Anna Howie 2-3 Recovering Satellites, Brendan Cleary, Lauren Jane, FINOLA 3-4 The Jackson Line, Molly Anne, Emily Lockett, Emily Faye 4-5 Dan Thomas, Paul Nichols, Hannah Owens, Madison Paige 5-6 Gareth Heesom, Louise Parker, Christopher Long, James Nored 6-7 Alan Finlan, Gareth Nugent, Keegan McInroe, Shane Rogers 7-8 Gasoline & Matches, Hannah Paris, Jesse Jennings, Eric Wood 8-9 Stuart Landon, Lars Pluto, Mike Ethan Messick, Brian Sutherland

There'll be a communal tip jar going each day and some acts will have their own tip jars so make sure you give generously. Welcome to the Coronapolooza!